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Computationally methods used in vaccine design are these years changing drastically. In classical immunological research results could be recorded by pen and pencil or in a spreadsheet, but new experimental high-throughput methods such as sequencing, DNA arrays, and proteomics have generated a wealth of data that are not efficiently handled and mined by these approaches. This has fuelled the rapid growth of the field of Immunological Bioinformatics (or Immuno-informatics) that addresses how to handle these large amounts of data in the field of immunology and vaccine design. Many of the methods have been made available on the Internet and can be used by experimental researchers without expert knowledge of bioinformatics. This review attempts to give an overview over the methods currently available and to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the different methods (see to ˇ°WEB BASED TOOLS FOR VACCINE DESIGNˇ±). We focus on epitope based vaccines and provide a serial of vaccine design tools on it.

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