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The word "BitGene" is a portmanteau of the words bit and gene. A bit is the basic unit of information in computing and telecommunications. The gene is unit of heredity in living organism. It is normally a stretch of DNA that codes for a type protein or for an RNA chain that has a function in the organism. So BitGene mainly involves the IT and life sciences, that is, bioinformatics or biocomputing.

Bioinformatical tools from BitGene are developed or designed collaboratively by many volunteers from internet who write codes without pay. Most of them are excellent software engineers and biologists. Bioinformatical tools for BitGene community are intended to be notable, factual with cited external sources. Some poor-quality tools will be removed from BitGene website by the experienced vip developper.

The final goal of BitGene is jumping on the unbridgeable gap between life and IT sciences.

Biologists or researchers on life science can come to BitGene to acquire the bioinformatical service or share their novel requirement and knowledge through Idea Centre. BitGene online tools are launched by many expert contributors from different countries. The expertise or qualifications of the tools are usually considered and reviewed. Although there are a lot of open-source bioinformatical tools and many of them can not be with friendly interface or not satisfy the special requirement.

BitGene not only provide good quality bioinformatical service and technical consulting, but also can customize the professional analysis or design report automatically. If you can't find the online tools to satisfy your requirement on BitGene website and others', BitGene allows you to put your novel requirement in the Idea centre. Then, contributors of BitGene will finish it based on the requirement report. Finally, a new online tool will come out to you. You will be the codevelopper of the novel tool and can use it without limitation.

IT engineers and mathematicians can come to BitGene to acquire knowledge and share your software and algorithms. Many software engineers and mathematicians show much interest in life science. But the fact is: they never perform the research of biology. Life just means that four bases A,T,G and C of DNA and twenty letters alphabet of protein. As we know, in the past hundreds and thousands of years, life has continued to evolve and become more and more complex. When life is sense to you, you have beginned to jump on the gate of life. BitGene is a platform and group to allow you learn the life science knowledge and data mining skills. If you can launch your bioinformatical tools on BitGene website successfully, we will invite you as vip editor of BitGene.

Bioinformaticians can come to BitGene to share your software and algorithms and show your talents. BitGene community has attracted a lot of contributors with diverse backgrounds from more than 20 countries and regions: China, USA, Germany and India and so on. These contributors share their knowledge and assay data. The novel and featured bioinformatical tools are generated by this brain storm.


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